ERTI Services

For every product and service we provide, we will exceed our customers’ requirements in quality, cost, and delivery, through relentless pursuit for excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do..


Manufacturing Engineering

Semiconductor Companies

  1. Test Engineering & Product yield improvement
  2. System & Handler Preventive Maintenance
  3. Equipment Restoration
  4. Test Platform Migration (Hardware & Software)
  5. Hardware Debug & Repair
  6. Program Revision

Electronics Companies

  1. Set up, Conversion and Troubleshoot of Manufacturing Equipments
  2. Sustaining Activities for Plating Equipments
  3. Product Functional Testing
  4. Mechanical & Electrical Facilities Maintenance
  5. Preventive And Sustaining Maintenance of Plastic Injection & Metal Stamping Machines


Staffing & Resourcing

Academe Linkages

Electronics & Communication Engineering

De La Salle University Dasmarinas

Wesleyan University Phil. Cabanatuan City

Electrical Engineering

Lyceum of the Phil. University Cavite

University of Batangas

Technological University of the Philippines

Mechanical Engineering

Batangas State University

Saint Louis University Baguio

Technological University of the Philippines

Mechanical Engineering

University of San Carlos

Cebu Institute of Technology


Learner’s Competencies

Level 1
General Engineering

Level 2
Focus Specialization

Level 3
Actual Operations

  • Alignment to company standard and core values
  • Understand the basics of manufacturing processes
  • Apply various manufacturing tools and problem solving techniques based on given scenarios
  • Compare and choose the right tool for solving particular manufacturing challenges
  • Demonstrate Competencies in handling training equipment related to specialized fields through hands-on exercises

  • Manipulate related training equipment and use them for various problems or projects
  • Understand the key result ares of identified field of engineering
  • Provide solutions and innovations to specific projects related to the learner’s field
  • Be able to present and efectively communicate his thoughts and solutions to specific projects

  • Participate in actual problem solving or development of projects for end-users
  • Perform as part of a team in solving problems or working on projects
  • Creating effective partnership with the customers through regular and continual improvement


Engineering Specialization

Product Engineering

  • Develop programs running on various platforms
  • Convert Programs from old platforms to new technology platforms
  • Conduct testing and debug software and hardware related applications according to test results
  • Perform qulaification process of specific test equipment and migration to other test platform
  • Analyze causes of hardware failure and correct solvable cases

Equipment Engineering

  • Conduct preventive maintenance of specific equipment
  • Ensure support and sustenance of line operations through periodic checks and diagnosis
  • Understand and apply overall equipment efficiency
  • Apply continuous improvement on equipment metrics using in-depth analysis
  • Observe the right safety standards in various equipment engineering projects

Process Engineering

  • Implement various process control and engineering tools and techniques in specific scenarios
  • Assess process operations and deve;op process improvement plans
  • Identify root causes of problems and use the appropiate tool for solvinf problems
  • Apply failure analysis and develop approaches to address process problems and challenges